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About Us

On line Training via ShearingApp!

Lojik Training is now available on the Shearing App! Launched by skilled international trainers,it is helping perfect techinques and improve the quality of wool clips.

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New Shearing App

A new shearing tally and wool book app – the Shearing App – that provides a singular destination to record and display shearing information has been commercially launched on the market.

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A NEW app aims to turn the shearing industry electronic.

The Shearing App is an electronic version of the shearing tally and wool book, providing a place to ­record and display shearing information.

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Shearing App For Smartphones

The use of the 'Shearing App', initially released for the iPad in November 2014, is becoming even more widely used following the recent release of versions for the iPhone and Android phones

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Watch & learn about shearing Strong & Fine wool sheep, shearing sections, tips n tricks, speed shearing and more...


Information & tutorials about gear preperation, comb & cutter sharpening, pendulums, handpieces and more...


Information & examples of how to keep yourself in shape using exercise, stretching, nutrition and more.


Packed with information including specialist Lamb shearing tutorials, Wool handling tips n tricks, Industry profiles and more...

Manage Property

Property & Owner details, shearing Start & End Dates.

Manage Mob

Sheep Mob details including ID, Name & Pay Rate for all Mobs on each Property.

Manage Team

All relevant Employee information needed for the Tally Book & Report functions.

Manage Tally Book

Keep a detailed record of sheep numbers per Day , Property, Mob & Shearer and the Runs being worked by Wool Handlers & Shed Staff.

Manage Wool Book

Keep a detailed record of Wool Bales being pressed, including #, Brand & Weight

Manage Incident

Record & Save any Property specific Incident as required.


Generate a comprehensive Payslip for each Employee, including Gross, Net, Tax, Super, Allowances & Deductions.


Personalised Property information including Names, Dates & Payslip Report data.


Keep a detailed record of your work as a Shearer, Wool Handler or Shed Staff member including sheep numbers or Runs.


Generate a comprehensive Shearer Statistic or Payslip Report.


Keep a comprehensive personal & workplace diary for planning & future reference.


Capture & Save important Photo & Video files using your devices camera.


Access the latest Rates of Pay and Safety Information wherever you are in the app!


Manage your Log In


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“Awesome but needs a print function for tallys and wool book ”

- Sherri Symons

“Shearing Is The Best Stable, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

- Theodore Willis

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant


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Tips & Tricks

Helping to make life easier

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- The app can be logged into and the Tally & Wool Book functions utilised regardless of internet connectivity.

- Internet connectivity is required to utilise the Lojik section of the app.

- If remembering a password is an issue, please tick the box 'Remember my login details' on the the login screen.

- To start using the Tally & Wool Book section of the quickly, only fill in the information fields marked with an asterisk ' * ' symbol.

- To utilise the 'Payslip' report feature enter a Pay, Tax, Superannuation, Allowance or Deduction amount.

- To save and/or send any required information stored in the app, simply take a screenshot and send via email, message or text.

- If you have forgotten your password, select the 'Forgot Password?' option on the login screen to access your details via email.

- If the info saved in your Tally & Wool Book section of the app is required between subscription renewals, and after an app update; ensure screenshots are taken and saved prior to subscription expiry and updating the app.

- Click here for support and feedback.

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